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Since 1982


quality comes first

We’ve taken food safety to one of its highest levels with internationally recognized standards.


Our History


1982 - Superior’s first location

Commercial St. & 2nd Ave.


Moved to Chinatown

A bigger location!


Another move to Venables St.

So much bigger!

Superior Natural was established by Percy Chan and his parents, Tung Lam and Sui Fong, in 1982. The company’s original name was Superior Tofu. Shortly after Rita Cheng joined and became a co-owner/president.

The first store on Commercial Drive (Vancouver, BC) was very small. There was just enough room to make tofu in the back of the store and the front was for retail.

Business was doing very well and a few years later we moved our store/factory to Chinatown on Main St. This location was a little bigger but it was still quite cramped!

Another several years went by and it was time to expand again! Superior moves to a considerably larger location, tofu and soy drink production is rising quickly.

In 2004, Superior Tofu reached a historic milestone by building one of the most advanced tofu manufacturing plants in North America. This 18,000 sq ft. facility has state-of-the-art equipment.

In 2017, Superior Tofu joined Keystone Natural Holdings (KNH) and changed to Superior Natural. KNH manages various manufacturers that produce healthy, vegan and vegetarian products including tofu, meatless burgers, veggie mix, soy drinks, and other soy-based and plant-based items. Keystone Natural Holdings strives to innovate and produce authentic, great tasting and healthy products for a broad and diverse consumer base.

Currently, soy products are in such high demand that we are busy every day of the week! We continue to strive for excellence in quality. We’re very proud to have taken our food safety to one of the highest levels that is internationally recognized.


Our Current Facility

1436 East Pender St., Vancouver, BC, Canada


Our mission

Do Better - always improve on everything that we do
Try Harder - persevere through challenges
Be Reliable - consistently deliver what we promise
Be Responsible - acknowledge our actions
Play Nice - help each other to be great